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L.S. Smellie & Sons

L.S. Smellie & Sons is a limited company managed between myself and my brother.

We also own a farm in High Blantyre in partnership with our father and have tried to have it promoted for development for over 15 years. As part of L.S. Smellie & Sons, we also own another area of farmland in Strathaven, which we had previously promoted for 10 years.


On both of the areas of land we own, we worked with major house builders and renewed option agreements twice, but eventually cancelled, as we didn’t like the sound of their terms and the way they had promoted the land.

After this difficult experience, we didn’t do anything for a while, thinking we wouldn’t be able get the sites allocated for development. That is until Jason from Wallace Land Investments got in touch, explaining that there was an opportunity for us to promote the land once again. He really empathised with our struggle and understood what we had been through, so we had an initial meeting with him to see how Wallace could help us.

He made it very clear how they would make the planning system work hard for us. Considering we had zero experience of land promotion agreements, Wallace’s ‘no win, no fee’ approach really appealed and having read through the terms we were happy to sign up. It was a ‘no-brainer’ really.

Promotion Agreement

Managing the entire process, Wallace promoted our land and used the right channels to push it. Their initial job involved speaking to the planners to gauge their opinions on what they would allow. Building up a picture of our land and how it could be successful through planning, Jason then used his experienced consultant team to draw up the necessary brochures to promote it. We couldn’t have done this without their experience.

Jason was very successful in getting both sites allocated through the development plan review process, eventually achieving planning consent on both sites and negotiating the planning gain contributions.

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Our knowledge and technical skills, combined with developer and local authority contacts are employed to achieve the highest possible value for each and every project we promote, and to bring forward developments that landowners and communities can be proud of.


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Since the company was founded in 2009, Wallace has invested in a huge range of projects across England and Scotland, ranging from 70 to 3,600 home sites.


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