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Cherry Lane, Lymm

The land to the west of Cherry Lane, Lymm is being promoted by Wallace for a residential development of approximately 200 new homes, including 30% affordable homes, informal and formal public open space, locally equipped areas of play and the potential provision of land for a community use such as playing fields for Cherry Tree Primary School.

Warrington Borough Council are undertaking a Local Plan Review to set out the policies and strategies for growth and development across the Borough until 2037. The Local Plan Review proposes an urban focus for growth centered on Warrington and various sustainable urban extensions and garden village principles. However, it also identifies a number of outlying settlements that are suitable for growth, including Lymm as a key priority. To effectively deliver its housing requirement, the process will include a green belt review to release sites such as Cherry Lane.



Proposal and Promotion

The site at Cherry Lane lies to the south west of the settlement in a gateway location. The site offers the potential to deliver a high-quality scheme on the edge of the settlement. Given the proximity of the site to the local Cherry Tree Primary School, there is potential to provide community facilities such as playing fields for use by the school, which is at present entirely enclosed by existing built form with little room for expansion.

Lymm is the largest of the outlying settlements and should therefore be apportioned an appropriate amount of growth. Its proximity to the M6/M56 means it has excellent connections to the strategic road network, and the site’s position to the south west of Lymm mean that most transport movements to and from the site will be contained to the south and west, i.e. limiting the impact on Lymm’s local road network. Wallace is engaging with the Parish Council to understand the key concerns of the community and to seek to address these where possible within the scheme. Lymm is subject to a Neighbourhood Plan although this is at its early stages and Wallace will engage in this process where appropriate.

Wallace has already produced a development framework report that was submitted to Warrington Borough Council in October 2017. This report included a concept masterplan layout for the site, which took account of input from the wider project team. This will be used for discussions with the Council and other key stakeholders and will be adapted throughout the planning process to maximise the development potential of the scheme. Wallace expect the Lymm site will be a five to ten years development, delivering approximately 200 homes and associated community uses.



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