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Coppice Green, Shifnal

The land to the north-east of Shifnal at Coppice Green has been successfully promoted by Wallace for 200 homes.

The 200-unit scheme included 26 affordable homes and gained planning consent within 18 months of contracting with Wallace. The site has been openly marketed to a number of house builders and sold to David Wilson Homes, who are currently developing out the site.



The land at Coppice Green became identified as a safeguarded site within the draft Site Allocations Plan for residential development. Through the ongoing review of the plan there was a possibility that during the ongoing review of the Plan, the Council would remove the safeguarding from this site, as they believed they had an adequate land supply and there were other competing sites that were less politically sensitive. 

Through the detailed promotion strategy that Wallace developed for the site, we committed to lodging an early planning application to ensure that the residential safeguarding was not lost. As a result of extensive discussions with the Community Council, politicians and the Council, agreement was reached with the planning officers who were able to support the early application, as the Council were not at that time maintaining the required 5-year effective housing land supply.

An outline planning application was lodged for the site and the application was supported by the elected members and, following Wallace negotiating the planning agreement (s.106), a decision was issued, and all within 12 months of the submission of the application.





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During the process of negotiating the s.106, Wallace developed the sales strategy for the site in consultation with the landowner. It was agreed to appoint Savills to market the site on our behalf to a number of house builders and we achieved numerous competitive offers. We selected a preferred bidder and progressed to legal negotiations that were fronted by Wallace. The house builder then tried to reduce the price that they initially offered.  

Wallace, in consultation with the owner, decided to drop that preferred party and went to the under bidder who was able to match the original terms.

The site is now well under construction.

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