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The land south of Holly Lane, Great Wyrley is being promoted by Wallace for a residential development of approximately 350 new homes, including a policy compliant provision of affordable homes, informal and formal public open space, and locally equipped areas of play.



Proposal & Promotion
South Staffordshire Council is undertaking a Local Plan Review to set out the policies and strategies for growth and development across the Borough until 2037. South Staffordshire is located within the Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area and as a result it is one of 14 authorities that need to plan to meet the outstanding needs of Greater Birmingham, which is some 90,000 new homes to 2036. To effectively deliver its housing requirement, the process will include a green belt review to release sites such as land south of Holly Lane, Great Wyrley.

Through our detailed promotion, we are proposing that Great Wyrley should accommodate a higher proportion of growth and part of that growth can be sustainably and appropriately met through the residential proposal Wallace is bringing forward at Holly Lane. Wallace is working with the Council and the local members to provide a scheme that meets the needs of the community and offers sustainable benefits to the settlement. To this end it has been established that a key concern of the community is a lack of infrastructure

This site offers the potential to contribute towards local infrastructure by making provision within the site of land for use by the adjacent Landywood Primary School.  It could also provide significant open space for an area of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace to reflect and recognise the location of Cannock Chase Conservation Area and the pressures of existing and new development on the use of this Area by residents.

The site at Holly Lane offers strong boundaries to the Green Belt that include existing roads and a new planting could be provided to create a strong southern boundary. Existing hedgerows and trees form natural buffers to the site that would be enhanced as part of any development proposals.

A high-level review of the settlement identifies that land to the south west of Great Wyrley (north west of Holly Lane site) falls within an area of ‘high’ landscape sensitivity as this area currently provides physical separation between Great Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay. Land to the south east of the settlement is considered to be of high importance to the Green Belt. In addition, this area is detached from the services, and beyond the recommended 400m distance to bus stops. Land further north and east of the settlement includes designated woodland which has associated ecological constraints, in addition there are several public footpaths in this location meaning that it is highly accessible Green Belt land and likely to be well used by residents, thus serving a key purpose of Green Belt land. Many of the fields in this area are also sports pitches. Ultimately, land to the south of the settlement, i.e. Holly Lane, is less constrained and performs a lesser role in terms of its contribution to the Green Belt. In addition, services are within easy walking distance and are readily available, including a primary school directly adjacent.

Wallace has already presented a comprehensive development framework report that was submitted to South Staffordshire Council in November 2018 in response to their Local Plan Review Issues and Options Consultation. This report included a concept masterplan layout for the site, which took account of input from the wider project team, including detailed highway and aboricultural work. The report is currently being used for ongoing discussions with the Council and other key stakeholders and will be adapted throughout the planning process to maximise the development potential of the scheme and take on the comments from and concerns of the stakeholders we meet.

The site is in a highly sustainable location with good transport links and amenities. Wallace expect the Holly Lane site to be a five to ten years development, delivering approximately 350 homes and associated infrastructure and open space.



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