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Pumpherston Farm, Livingston

Wallace is promoting land at Pumpherston in West Lothian for a sustainable residential – led development comprising up to 1,230 new homes and associated community infrastructure.

The site is in single ownership and Wallace has entered into a promotion agreement to promote and deliver the site. Wallace is actively engaged in the promotion of the site which will continue through the next local development plan review.



Proposal & Promotion

Wallace have actively promoted the site for a residential  – led  allocation through the preparation of the now adopted local development plan. Despite comprehensive submissions made on matters such as landscape and housing land supply, the site was not identified for an allocation by the Council or the Reporter conducting the examination into the Local Development Plan (LDP).

West Lothian Council adopted their current LDP in 2018 and at this stage the site remains situated within the Countryside belt.

West Lothian Council has however recently announced its intention to commence a review of the LDP and in this regard a draft Proposed Plan is expected to be published for consultation in late 2022; adoption of the plan is anticipated in Spring 2024. The next LDP could set the planning policy and land use framework for the West Lothian area for the next 5 - 10 years; Wallace will therefore continue to promote the site for an allocation for residential-led development and associated infrastructure.

At this stage the proposals comprise up to 1,230 homes, of which 25% would be affordable which could come forward as a whole or on a phased basis. The proposal also incorporates open space for community use along the riparian corridor of the River Almond. The scale and design of this proposal will integrate with and be in keeping with the character of the local area. The analysis that has been undertaken to date demonstrates that this site is a logical extension to the south side of Pumpherston.

Wallace with our appointed consultant team will, continue to develop the case for the site to be released from the Countryside Belt and allocated for much needed new homes. Wallace will promote the site through the next review of the relevant development plan process.




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