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Riccarton, Edinburgh

This comprehensive proposal is set to create a new village for Edinburgh, adjacent to Heriot-Watt University. The new village will be an exemplar for sustainable development with its own identity and community of c.3,600 homes, supported by essential community facilities such as a new primary school, local amenities such as cafes and restaurants, an extensive area of parkland and a new public transport hub linked to the railway station.

Riccarton is a unique location in west Edinburgh as it is served by existing infrastructure such as Curriehill railway station and Oriam – Scotland’s sports performance centre.  Also, Heriot-Watt University is on the door step with further employment generating uses located in the Research and Innovation Park.  The location is already recognised as an economic hub for west Edinburgh, benefitting from ongoing investment including City Deal.



Proposal & Promotion

The proposal is to create a new sustainable village for Edinburgh, helping to meet housing need and demand through the early delivery of c.3,600 homes including 900 affordable.  There will be a mixed use village centre with cafes, restaurants, shops, a village pub and community hub that will not only serve the new community but also the existing residents of neighbouring Currie, and students and staff of Heriot-Watt. 

Sustainable transport options are key to Riccarton Village.  All homes are within walking distance of proposed bus routes and an enhanced transport hub at Curriehill train station that will link the train with bus services and an enlarged park and ride.  The village will be easy to get around on bike through pleasant open spaces, safe streets, core paths and parkland. 

Riccarton Parklands is an integral part of the proposal, more than three times the size of the Meadows, this extensive green space will become a recreational, landscape and biodiversity asset for not only the new community but also neighbouring communities. Active uses in the park such as art exhibitions, café, walking and cycle trails and play areas will make it a visitor attraction.

Wallace is promoting the proposal through the Edinburgh Local Development Plan and is seeking to work in consultation with the Council, Heriot-Watt University and the local communities to develop and deliver the vision of Riccarton Village.





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