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Stretton, Warrington

Wallace is currently promoting land to the south of Warrington at Stretton, just off Junction 10 on the M56, for around 600 homes. The scheme will include up to 30% affordable homes, along with associated green infrastructure. This proposed expansion to the existing settlement can provide much needed homes, economic development and essential road infrastructure upgrades.

The adopted local plan requires the delivery of around 500 homes a year to meet the annual housing requirement. The current development strategy is failing to deliver this. Warrington is currently reviewing its local plan to effectively meet its housing requirement and that process included a green belt review. Within the draft local plan, the site has been proposed as part of a wider Garden Village expansion proposal to the South of Warrington.

At present, Wallace is developing a detailed promotional strategy for the site, which will pull together a comprehensive development framework. The site is in three land ownerships and Wallace have entered into a promotion agreement with all of the land owners. This will ensure that the site can be delivered in a comprehensive way to meet the Councils’ objectives for more homes and the required infrastructure.



Proposal and Promotion

Wallace, through the appointed consultant team, have ensured that the appropriate representations have been made at all the stages of the emerging development plan. These representations include and take account of a detailed technical assessment of the site and surrounding area, along with community and council engagement.

The site is situated near a number of local amenities within Stretton and South Warrington. It will also have the benefit of easy access to Stockton Heath, the nearby core area for social and retail amenities. Wallace anticipates the site will be a five to ten years development, providing approximately 600 homes. This highly sustainable and effective site has the capability of delivering homes, infrastructure and employment from 2020.



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