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Benefits of Land Promotion

Land promotion is a specialist skill that requires an expert team to deliver the right planning consent and achieve the maximum land value.

Achieving the maximum sale value with no upfront costs to landowner

We carry all the upfront costs of entering into the promotion contract, promoting the land and selling the land. We only see a return when you have sold the site for development and the money is in the bank.

We act as a bridge between you, the complex planning system and the delivery of your consented land to the open market. The key benefit to you is that we have a deep understanding of what the planning system, community and developers require from a development proposal.

Securing the highest price for your land takes the right knowledge and experience

We’ll make your land a much more comprehensive proposition when securing the right planning consent through the detailed and complex ‘masterplan’ process, community engagement, legal planning and contractual frameworks. This way, we’ll achieve the right scheme and maximum value for your land, which will then be sold competitively in the marketplace – you will get the best price.

This can be a long and arduous process but the returns are worth it. The planning and political framework is complex and the battle for local hearts and minds even more so.

We have the knowledge to deliver

Our real expertise lies in managing the planning system, working closely with local communities and councils to achieve a timely allocation and consent. We deliver a unique vision and masterplan for your site, taking care of both physical and technical constraints and opportunities.

The only money we invest in your land is our own: so achieving the maximum possible return for you is also the best possible return for us.

Working with Wallace

We work in partnership with you from the initial promotion stages to development plan review, submission of your planning application and eventual sale of your land. We are upfront with you and your advisers through the whole process to deliver a project that meets everyone’s expectations. More about our approach.

In our opinion, your best sales strategy is to attract multiple offers on the open market, not just engage a single buyer with no marked incentive to pay the maximum value. If you agree, then we should talk.

Meet the team

Our knowledge and technical skills, combined with developer and local authority contacts are employed to achieve the highest possible value for each and every project we promote, and to bring forward developments that landowners and communities can be proud of.


Our Sites

Since the company was founded in 2009, Wallace has invested in a huge range of projects across England and Scotland, ranging from 70 to 3,600 home sites.


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