Let Wallace unearth the hidden value in your land

How We Work

Our extensive experience in the promotion and delivery of strategic land allows us to guide our clients through the ever changing and complex planning process using a number of steps.

Let’s Meet

We would like to understand your land holding and your objectives to achieve the right results.

Assess the Land

Once we understand the extent of your land holding, we will assess its development potential and time frame for successful delivery.

Promotion Agreement

If your land has potential for development, we would propose a deal structure to enter into a legally binding promotion agreement with you. As a privately owned business, we are flexible in the form and structure of the contracts we enter into and wish to structure any deal to suit the individual circumstances of our land owner partners. We will also consider freehold purchases with uplift provisions.

Planning Strategy

We will develop a comprehensive planning promotion strategy for your land and appoint the best consultant team to deliver the right planning outcome.

Land Sale

We will prepare and adopt a comprehensive sales strategy relevant to your circumstances and that of the open market at the time. We work with the right solicitor and land agent to achieve the maximum land value.

A True Partnership

Remember we take full responsibility for the entire process including the funding of all upfront costs. We don’t get paid until you do.

Remember we take full responsibility for the entire process including the funding of all upfront costs. We don’t get paid until you do.

Reasons for choosing Wallace

  • Combined experience of 130+ years of delivering residential and mixed-use development sites.
  • Specialists in navigating the planning system and experienced at forging productive relationships with local communities and councils to deliver an acceptable and timely allocation and consent on each project.
  • We understand the development market and are committed to maximising value from each site, which in turn means we deliver the most attractive and oven ready planning consent to market.
  • We are independent and not tied to selling land to any one developer and are not in the business of land banking sites.
  • We proactively manage the consultants we employ to deliver the right outcome on each individual project.
  • Fleet of foot – as a privately-owned business we can make an instant decision and can contract as soon as required.

Meet the team

Our knowledge and technical skills, combined with developer and local authority contacts are employed to achieve the highest possible value for each and every project we promote, and to bring forward developments that landowners and communities can be proud of.


Our Sites

Since the company was founded in 2009, Wallace has invested in a huge range of projects across England and Scotland, ranging from 70 to 3,600 home sites.


What would you like to make of your land?

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